Blepharoplasty Annapolis – Eyelid Surgery Cost and Before and After Photos

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Eyelid Surgery in Annapolis

Annapolis eyelid surgeons can dramatically improve the appearance of droopy, saggy or puffy eyelids. Eyelid surgery can have a significant rejuvenating effect on the face, especially when combined with other procedures such as treatment with injectables, a facelift or a non-surgical skin treatment. During eyelid surgery, the incisions are inconspicuously placed within the natural creases and folds of the eyelids. The eyelid surgeon may “lift” the eyelid by tightening the muscle, or decrease puffy bags underneath the eyes by removing excess pockets of fat. The incisions are closed with small sutures, and the patient recovers comfortably. Complications during or after eyelid surgery are rare; however, it is critical to follow all pre- and post-operative instructions, such as quitting smoking prior to surgery, disclosing all medical history, keeping the head elevated after surgery and refraining from exercise or vigorous activity during recovery.

Blepharoplasty FAQs

Annapolis blepharoplasty patients usually have many questions. Some FAQs about eyelid surgery include: Is there any scarring? Does it hurt? How long will my stitches stay in? Are there any risks?

To get the answers to these questions and to learn more about eyelid surgery, it’s best to speak with an experienced eyelid surgery Annapolis provider. He or she can put any fears to rest, discuss issues such as blepharoplasty cost and also look through before and after blepharoplasty photos with you to determine what your goals and expectations are.

Asian Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgeries among the Asian population. Asian eyelid surgery is designed to create or define a crease in the upper eyelid. The specific technique used is up to the Annapolis eyelid surgeon, but the procedure usually entails either the placement of sutures or the removal of fat and muscle to create the crease. This is either done surgically or with the use of a laser.

Consult with an Annapolis Blepharoplasty Surgeon

If you have questions about eyelid surgery in Annapolis, such as preparing for surgery, recovering from surgery, risks, benefits or eyelid surgery cost, find a qualified plastic surgeon in your area and set up a personal consultation. During the consultation, you can ask to see before and after eyelid surgery photos to get a better idea of what the procedure can accomplish. The plastic surgeon can also speak to you about other facial rejuvenation procedures; many are trusted facelift providers.


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