Northern New Jersey Eyelid Surgery Before and After Photos – Blepharoplasty Cost in Northern NJ

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Your Eyelid Surgery in Northern New Jersey

Eyelid lift providers in Northern New Jersey are leading cosmetic surgeons who have performed many facial plastic surgery procedures to help patients restore their facial youthfulness. Eyelid surgery is one of many effective facial rejuvenation treatments to address the visible signs of aging. The purpose of eyelid surgery is to reduce the appearance of droopy upper eyelids and puffiness below the eyes. The surgery can also be customized by your Northern NJ blepharoplasty surgeon to address your unique aesthetic concerns. Many patients who undergo this type of procedure achieve a more rejuvenated facial appearance that makes their eyes look more youthful, alert and naturally beautiful. Viewing pictures of patients taken before and after blepharoplasty, which are readily available on the Internet and at the offices of NJ plastic surgeons, may help you appreciate the results that can be accomplished with this procedure.

Eyelid surgery cannot remove circles beneath the eyes caused by dark pigmentation; however, such circles may be treated with bleaching solutions or chemical peels. Some patients undergo combination treatments for a complete facial makeover, including facelift surgery or rhinoplasty. In fact, most eyelid surgeons in New Jersey are also experienced facelift providers. Receiving multiple treatments at once typically does not reduce the cost of blepharoplasty per se; however, the overall cost of the several treatments is reduced since the patient is only charged one facility fee and anesthesiology fee.

What to Expect During Your Eyelid Surgery Consultation in Northern NJ

During your one-on-one consultation with your eyelid surgeon in Northern New Jersey, you will be asked to look into a mirror and point out the aesthetic aspects of your eyes that you would like to improve. This will help your plastic surgeon gain a better understanding of your aesthetic goals. It will also give you and him/her an opportunity to set realistic expectations of what eyelid surgery can and cannot accomplish. To help you visualize the potential results of your eyelid surgery, your Northern NJ blepharoplasty surgeon will show you eyelid surgery before and after photos. Next, you will undergo a physical exam and be asked about your medical history in great detail. This step is crucial because it helps your surgeon determine whether you are a good candidate for plastic surgery. If so, the surgeon will explain each step of the procedure, including preoperative preparations and postoperative care. In addition, he/she will discuss eyelid surgery cost. Finally, your surgery date will be set.

Visiting Northern NJ for Blepharoplasty

Northern New Jersey is a culturally diverse region that attracts both national and international visitors. Among them are many eyelid surgery patients who undergo facial rejuvenation procedures with top plastic surgeons in the area due to their competitive blepharoplasty costs. Prior to or following surgery, many Northern NJ eyelid surgery patients decide to get out and explore the many attractions the region has to offer, including the historic Ellis Island and Statute of Liberty in New York Harbor. Northern NJ is also known for its many art institutions, including the renowned Jersey City Museum, featuring hundreds of works of art. In addition, Northern NJ is close to several metropolitan areas, including Manhattan, for those who want to experience NYC.


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